Gingerbread Cookies


Gingerbread Cookies

i'm just in time to make something for x'mas. i was down with a flu and i still had to fulfil some insane macaron orders for the past few weeks so i really lost my interest for blogging and photography. i don't know when i'll get the enthusiasm back, hopefully soon.

Gingerbread Cookies

there were a few x'mas bakes i singled out but i decided on gingerbread cookies in the end coz i've not made them before. i couldn't really find the right recipe initially coz most of them are either just sugar cookies decorated christmas style or those that don't use treacle/molasses therefore not traditional enough. i finally found the one i was looking for, right on my own bookshelf. this one is by peggy porschen. in case you haven't heard of peggy porschen, she's like the goddess of fondant cakes and decorated cookies and in my opinion the BEST among all professional fondant cake designers out there. i hv all her books and this gingerbread is found under the base recipes of every single one of them. the recipe is also pretty unique in a sense that it uses a hot liquid mix whereby you boil the treacle, spices together then stir in melted butter & flour.

Gingerbread Cookies + Egggnog

i was surprised at how easy it was to handle the dough consider that the recipe uses melted butter but it was firm enough and didn't require additional flouring or anything. tastewise they're very good, like a cross between a softer version of ginger snaps and my favorite lotus caramelized biscuits aka. speculoos. too yum! i also made some really delicious eggnog from the leftover yolks and the recipe can be found here. eggnog is basically a creme anglaise spiked with alcohol, exactly like your ice cream custard mixture so you can also churn it into ice cream if you like. but if you intend to do so, you'll hv to hold back on the liquor coz alcohol don't freeze.


this is the lyle's black treacle i used. they're not available everywhere and most of the time, the golden syrup version (in green can) is more common. i got this from naturally marketplace by cold storage at vivocity but i believe all upscale supermarkets should carry.

lastly, hv a very blessed christmas and happy holidays everyone!

recipe source : romantic cakes by peggy porschen

*recipe removed due to copyright restrictions.

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