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last week saw me through a wedding order and some insane dessert attempts. i made lots of desserts in a span of one week or so, and i dunno where i got the energy & stamina from, consider that i was pretty much shut off few months ago. remember what i said about bringing butter or cream cheese to room temp only to put it back later? i was THAT lazy. then suddenly, i find myself churning out dessert after dessert, never feeling tired at all. basically i think i just wanna challenge myself in creating all these. and everytime i succeed on my first attempt, i get a real sense of satisfaction!

Mont Blanc

mont blanc

Mont Blanc

mont blanc innards - sable breton base, creme chantilly center, chestnut cream laced with vanilla & rum, cocoa nib & gold foil decor. tastewise, its just perfect! i could safely say this is one of the best mont blancs i've eaten. not too sweet and the base is a cross between a tart & a cake, so its really good. all the mont blancs i've eaten outside just pale in comparison, no kidding!

Yogurt Panna Cotta

vanilla bean yoghurt panna cotta with strawberry mousse & strawberry gelee. topped with meringue sticks & chopped pistachios. i had the chance to work with some really ripe & aromatic strawberries, they smell almost identical to my bottle of artificial strawberry essence!


ispahan - part of the wedding order. i probably made this a million times, so its not counted :p


ivoire - biscuit aux amandes (almond biscuit sponge), compote de fruits rouges (red fruits compote), mousse choc blanc (white choc mousse), glacage blanc (white choc glaze). my first time tempering white choc and its a success! now i can make all sorts of decor :D


ivoire innards - biscuit aux amandes, compote de fruits rouges, mousse choc blanc, glacage blanc.

Plaisir Sucré

plaisir sucré - hazelnut dacquoise, caramel fleur de sel, milk choc ganache, milk choc whipped cream, milk choc sheets. i think i've really outdone myself this time! never in my dream would i thought i'd be able to do these damn choc sheets BUT I DID IT! what's more, i think they're perfect, thickness & everything, consider its my first attempt and it makes me feel like i've reached another milestone in baking!

Plaisir Sucré

all are first attempts and i'm really lucky to succeed at them! everything becomes easier now and i'm no longer intimidated by challenging or complicated multi-component desserts. in short, nothing fazes me, not anymore :p

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